Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 4:Taking a Breather

After everything that has happened the last few days,I guess a day for almost nothing was coming to me huh.Yea well,I don't like it either.I really didn't do anything special yesterday to tell you the honest truth.All I really did was go to my friends house.It was a lot of fun.We went swimming in his pool,played wiffleball,capture the flag,rummy,and home run derby!Amazing that is about all I did yesterday!Can you believe that!I no,neither can I!so now what I'm gonna do is tell you about what language I'm taking in 7th grade and why.I am taking........ITALIAN!!!I am taking italian because my mom,aunt(the one from the renagades game),and my grandma all used to live in Italy and if I go there someday I want to know how to speak the language.Also,my mom forgot how to speak Italian so as I'm learning Italian she is gonna learnn with me!!Isn't that so cool!Alright guys,I guess thats it for today.This is probably the shortest entry I will ever write so don't get worried!See you guys tomorrw and hopefully by then I will have a very juicy story to tell you!!!SEE YA!=)

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