Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 4:Taking a Breather

After everything that has happened the last few days,I guess a day for almost nothing was coming to me huh.Yea well,I don't like it either.I really didn't do anything special yesterday to tell you the honest truth.All I really did was go to my friends house.It was a lot of fun.We went swimming in his pool,played wiffleball,capture the flag,rummy,and home run derby!Amazing that is about all I did yesterday!Can you believe that!I no,neither can I!so now what I'm gonna do is tell you about what language I'm taking in 7th grade and why.I am taking........ITALIAN!!!I am taking italian because my mom,aunt(the one from the renagades game),and my grandma all used to live in Italy and if I go there someday I want to know how to speak the language.Also,my mom forgot how to speak Italian so as I'm learning Italian she is gonna learnn with me!!Isn't that so cool!Alright guys,I guess thats it for today.This is probably the shortest entry I will ever write so don't get worried!See you guys tomorrw and hopefully by then I will have a very juicy story to tell you!!!SEE YA!=)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 3:Ice Hockey

Hey Guys!!!How have you been?I haven't seen you since like,yesterday.Yesterday day was kinda just a boring do nothing kind of day.I didn't get up till 12 noon,yes,I know that is late.But when the sky got dark(it was nightime),the fun started.You see,my cousin's boyfriend play on a ice hockey team in a league.So she invited me to the ice hockey rink to watch his playoff game.The name of his team is the "Stars" and the team that they were facing was the "Warriors".And I have to say,those Warriors put up a fight,literally...I will get to that in a minute.Anyway,by the last quater the Warriors were winning 7 to 1 so the game was pretty much over.But the thing is,throughout the whole game the Warriors had been shoving our team,"The Stars",into the wall for absolutley no reason.They didn't even have the puck.They just did it randomly!Eventually,Someone on our team(meaning the team me and cousin were routing for)said to a guy on the Warriors "Dude,can you like,STOP pushing us?!?!"And you know what happened next(?),the guy on the other team tackeled the guy on our team.Punches were flying through the air.When it ended,Two player on the Warriors got 4 minute penalties for throwing punches and since we were in the last quater and there was on 3 minutes left in the game those two were out for the game.As for the guy on or team who was in the fight,he just got his things and left.Nobody told him to leave,he just did.A few minutes later,the game ended.We lost.But when the game ended here is what happened.Remeber the guy on our team who got in the fight for telling the other team to stop pushing us into the wall.Yea,well,his brother who is also on the team when over to the guy who got in the fight with his brother and asked why he tackled his brother and that same guy tackled HIM!!! Isn't that mean!!! So then,we all went home.So that's about it for today.Oh,and I'm happy the Yankees beat the Red Sox 8-4!!!Alright,see you guys tomorrow!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 2:We Ditched the Game!!!

OK,so first I just wanted to say that I got a little mixed up with days yesterday.I wrote that it was August 21st,when it was really the 22nd.So to make this clear,today is August 23rd and yesterday was August 22nd...NOT 21st!!!Alright,well now that we are done with that,let's get right down to business.Yesterday day was pretty boring. I just kinda hung out and watched TV and went on the computer and hung out with my cat.But the fun all started at about 4:45 PM ET.That's when my aunt and cousin picked me up.I am a HUGE baseball fan by the way!!!I love the New York Yankees.So my aunt got us 3 tickets to a Hudson Valley Renegades game!!! Which is great because of how close we are to Hudson Valley and how much I love baseball.The Renegades are the minor league team for the Tampa Bay Rays.I had previously been to 2 Renegades games before in my life but for my cousin and aunt this was a first.We were like SO excited.When we got there it was drizzling.They had the tarp on the field so it wouldn't get wet.Oh, and I forgot to mention who they were playing. They were playing the Staten Island Yankees which a minor leagues team for,you guessed it,THE YANKEES!!!!That made me even more excited.Anyway,so we got there and it was drizzle,yea,it was.We got a couple of hot dogs and some soda's and went and sat in our seats for a bit.It was some special night their called "Hairy Potter Night".Yes,I said "hairy" and not "Harry".I don't know why they called it that though.In fact,I don't even though know why they were having a "Hairy Potter Night" in the first place.So we sat in our seats.Later we got some popcorn.But we basically just sat there.When it was 7 o'clock and it was game time they said it would be at least another hour because the outfield was all muddy and they need to fix every mud spot one by one which took about 20 minutes EACH!!!So we sat,and we sat,and sat,and sat........After 3 hours of sitting and waiting,we decided enough was enough.My aunt has a blackberry and we were able to go online and check if any good movies were playing. So we found a movie. We left.Right when we were leaving it started to thunder and lightning.The only possible my aunt could get her money back was to get another 3 tickets for a different game and that was only gonna happen if the game was cancelled.So we just crossed our fingers and left.We ended up seeing the 9:50 showing of "Shorts:A Not so Tall Tale"I didn't get home till 11:45 so I was extremely tired.Well,I guess that's it.That was my day.Alrighty then,check me out tomorrow and see what else I have to say! See-Ya everybody!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 21,2009:My First Day Blogging

Hi everybody!!! My name is Matt Slevin and this is my first day of "The Blog of my Life"! I am just a regular 12 year old boy growing up in Weschester,New York.I am writing this blog because I love to write and what is better to write about then yourself! But I am NOT self-centered! On September 3rd I start the 7th grade! I don't know why school starts BEFORE Labor Day!?!?! If you know it would be great if you could tell me.Also,if you want to talk to me or have any questions for me then just say what you want in the comment box! Today my whole family came to my house to take a.......FAMILY PHOTO!!! AHHHH!!!! I guess its because we are giving it to my grandma for her birthday or something.Anyway,and then they all stayed over for dinner which scared the heck out of my cat! My cat doesn't like alot of people.But don't get me wrong she loves ME! So while everyone else was running across being very loud,my cat was under my parents bed doing what she does best,hiding.I also want to fill you in on what I did yesterday.I went to PLAYLAND!!!It was awesome.I thought it would be a rip off because they changed the paying operation.You used to buy someting where you could go on a certain amount of rides or go on rides for a certain amount of hours.But they changed it so now you pay $25 and get unlimited rides for an unlimited amount of time! Which one do YOU like better? I know what your thinking,"Neither of them are good." But the newer deal isn't as bad as you would think.I went on 31 RIDES yesterday!Not to mention goin on the Dragon Coaster 7 times and the Log Flume 5!Alirght well,I guess thats just about it.So check my blog out tomorrow and see what else I have to say...Oh,and,if you want you can comment and subscribe! See-ya tomorrow!!!